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until freedom

Until Freedom Program Priorities

Until Freedom has been on the frontlines fighting for justice and focusing on police accountability and criminal justice reform. Our theory of change integrates coalition building, on the ground organizing, direct action and training with policy advocacy and political education…

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We believe those closest to the pain are closest to the solution. We identify a campaign, build local relationships, power map and design direct action and short term and long-term goals. We are committed to using our extensive experience to build the capacity of local communities often ignored by mainstream philanthropy and national movements to lead and participate in transformative change.

City of Hope #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

In 2020, Until Freedom set out to raise awareness and to build a national apparatus and movement to win justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26 year-old Black woman murdered at the hands of Louisville Metro Police Department. Until Freedom adopted the city of Louisville, building deep relationships…

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…with the family of Breonna Taylor, local activists and organizations. We organized multiple highly visible direct actions, trained hundreds of new organizers in non-violent direct action and invested resources to build the capacity of local activists and organizations. We have built a model of national and local partnership that works in synergy demystifying the notion that local communities cannot benefit from the expertise and platform of renowned & seasoned national organizers and organizations. Louisville remains a long term commitment for Until Freedom as we see the potential of this city to set precedent for cities nationwide that have been impacted by police & gun violence, poverty and food insecurity.

Ban on No Knock Warrants/Breonna’s Law

Since the brutal murder of Breonna Taylor, a new debate about the inefficacy of no-knock warrants has hit the national stage. Breonna may have still been alive today if it were not for this backward discriminatory police practice that allows a judge to authorize police officers to enter a home without prior…

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 notification or announcing themselves. Florida, Oregon and Virginia are the ONLY states that have outlawed no-knock warrants. Until Freedom is supporting HB21 – Breonna’s Law in Kentucky and currently supporting activists in Corpus Christi, TX and working with legislators to pass this in New York. If you are part of an organization, an activist group, a local or state legislator and are interested in passing Breonna’s Law, we can help by providing draft legislation and campaign development and support. Please email [email protected].

State of Emergency Electoral Project

At Until Freedom we do not believe that liberation will come through the ballot box. We believe that the electoral process is one tool in our movement toolbox to bring short term wins and push legislatures to not only look like the communities they represent but to center the most marginalized…

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voices and prioritize issues that impact Black and Brown communities. All politics are local and building political power is more than just voting in presidential elections. We partnered with Woke Vote and Black Voters Matter during the 2020 election and will continue to engage Black and Brown voters across the country through voter registration and political education.

Until Freedom Academy

Until Freedom has over two decades of experience in high level organizing. We have a proven track record of successful local, state and national work. Until Freedom has trained hundreds of activists, organizers and faith leaders across the country in nonviolent direct action, campaign development…

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high visibility events, and media advocacy. We believe in investing in new leadership and equipping them with the skills necessary to build local power to demand accountability and bring about transformative change. We provide in depth in-person and virtual training sessions, seminars, and full day institutes. We also partner with high schools to integrate activism education as part of their year round curriculum. Students attend weekly sessions that culminate into a final social justice project, campaign or rally. If you are interested in these opportunities, please email [email protected] for more information.

Getting Involved

Until Freedom

Is an intersectional social justice organization rooted in the leadership of diverse people of color to address systemic and racial injustice. At Until Freedom, we believe that those closest to the pain are closest to the solution, therefore, we focus on investing in those who are the most directly impacted by cyclical poverty, inequality, and state violence.


DO YOU KNOW What happened to breonna taylor?

On March 13th 2020, Breonna Taylor was sleeping peacefully in her home in Louisville, KY when Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove of the Louisville Metro Police Dept. executed a no-knock search warrant. Acting in self defense, Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker exchanged gunfire with the officer’s as they were not in uniform. As a result of the gunfire, Breonna was fatally shot while asleep. Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove have yet to be arrested and formally charged for Breonna’s wrongful death. Something must be done.


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